Course Description

This course is a collection of quick tips and tricks to help you use CRM more efficiently.

Unlike most of our other courses, each lecture here is a stand-alone segment. So feel free to pick and choose the tips that interest you most.


Sr. Solution Consultant

Charlie Fink

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Tips & Tricks

    • Welcome!

    • Activities for Contacts Roll Up to Accounts

    • Company Change Impact to Rolled Up Activities

    • Finding Records with the Alphabet Filter

    • How to use At Mentions in Activity Feeds

    • Deactivating Users: What Happens?

    • Export to Excel Online

    • Filtering Views

    • Fix for CRM Loading in Phone View

    • How to Follow Records

    • How to Set a New Default View

    • How to Open Records in a New Window

    • How to Organize Reports

    • How to Zoom on Bing Maps

    • Quickly Email a Link

    • Using the Wildcard in CRM Searches